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Eastside Tennis Center hosts several Advanced, Intermediate and Beginer tournaments for both genders and all ages throughout the year.

Dates Name Age Groups tournament ID Comments
6/14 to 6/17 Eastside TC June Advanced 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s 600016218 Singles; Thurs/Friday Evening only; Sat-Sun all day
6/22 to 6/24 Eastside TC June Intermediate 12s-18s 600016418 Singles & Doubles; no matches before Friday 5pm
6/29 to 7/1 Little "Mo" Sectionals 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s NA Register at 
7/5 to 7/8 Eastside TC July Intermediate #1 8s-18s 600016518 Singles (Red, Orange, Green Dot, Yellow Ball Levels)
7/19 to 7/22 Eastside TC July Intermediate #2 10s-18s 600017718 Singles (Orange, Green Dot, Yellow Ball Levels)
7/26 to 7/29 ETC 10U Advanced & 12U-18U Intermediate 8s-18s 600017018 Singles (Adv 8U Red, 10U Green; Int 12U-18U)
8/9 to 8/12 Eastside TC August Intermediate 8s-18s 600017118 Singles (Red, Orange, Green Dot, Yellow Ball Levels)
8/16 to 8/19 Eastside TC August Advanced 10s-18s 600016118 Singles (Red, Green Dot, Yellow Ball Levels)
8/30 to 9/1 Level 4 Boys at ETC 10s-18s 600015918 Singles & Doubles (Boys only)
9/7 to 9/9 Level 4 Girls at ETC 10s-18s 600017218 Singles & Doubles (Girls only)
9/14 to 9/16 Eastside TC September Advanced (16s & 18s) 16s-18s 600017518 Singles Only - 16U and 18s (Boys and Girls Events)
11/23 to 11/25 Eastside TC November Advanced 8s-15s 600009818 Singles Only - All Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday (all age groups) 
12/14 to 12/16 Eastside TC December Advanced Boys 8s-18s 600017318 Boys Singles Only; no matches before Friday 5pm


To register for most of these tournaments visit the Pacific Northwest, visit: and click on Tennislink Menu.

For question on juniors' level of play for tournaments email: Questions on specific tournament(s), contact the Tournament Director listed on the tournament page.