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Junior Pathway Program

Eastside Tennis Center's, Junior Program is designed to instill the love of tennis, create a fun, positive, active, and safe environment to teach skills through age-appropriate drills and games. The journey is to inspire success, confidence and to build character within the disciplines of tennis.

The Eastside Tennis Center staff respectfully works with your junior to challenge him/her to accomplish skills and athletic abilities—whether the recreational or the competitive pathway. It is the goal and desire of the staff to help your junior improve and grow in their tennis and life journey.

Eastside Tennis Center staff will evaluate your junior’s level and will give direction to the appropriate class* within our junior pathway program. The Junior Handbook describes each level whether recreational or competitive.

  • Recreation (R); recreational activities are often done for enjoyment or pleasure and are considered to be “fun”.
  • Competitive (C); having a strong desire to compete, strive to do ones best, engages in contest and enjoys the competition.

It is recommended to do two classes a week, for your junior to move to a higher level at a quicker pace.

*Eastside Tennis Center teaching staff reserves the right to place your junior in the appropriate level, to enhance your juniors’ overall experience.